25th Birthday at The Dorchester Hotel London

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Dear Diary,

The 6th of July was my 25th birthday and I celebrated my new age by spending the day at my favourite hotel, The Dorchester in Park Lane, a hotel that I have always dreamt of staying in yet cannot afforded it. So I thought of spending just a day there and researched things I could do within the hotel to could fit my budget. All I wanted was the experience of it all because experience matters greatly in life!

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I enjoyed a classy and luxury day, in the Dorchester Spa with a Swedish body massage, time in the steam room etc.   A nice afternoon tea followed with tasty sandwiches, tea options from around the globe, delicious pastries of scones and sweets served. I was surprised with a mini birthday cake which made it more special.


I then fine dined at the Grill restaurant in the evening with family and friends. The food was tastier than any other fine dining restaurant I have been to and my guests really enjoyed themselves greatly. I received an excellent service from staff at the Dorchester. They just made me feel special on the day.

My original birthday plan was to go away to Miami beach (USA), where the weather is ‘popping’, palm trees swinging, sport cars and yatchs flow. I just wanted to live that lifestyle for 7days. However that didn’t work out so I decided to do something different.


Who will not love a luxury life?! If only everyone’s hard work paid off then I guess this world will be a place of paradise! However, I do believe that you can get a taste of it if you plan yourself properly. One does not have to be rich to treat oneself to the finest things in life once in a while.


So I spent a day at The Dorchester and also, as fashion lover, I purchased a couple of goodies to create the looks I wanted for the day.


Before the event of the day, I spent a lot of time planning, the hardest aspect of it was my evening grown. I had imagined three different types of looks for the day, which for the morning, afternoon and dinner look. I will show you in my next post. I just wanted to look as sophisticated to match the venue. I didn’t want a dress that everyone would guess where I had purchased it from. So I shopped around for the right fabrics and later a good dressmaker. This was not so easy but thankfully I was able to get the right dressmaker who understood my design and was able to make the dress for me in just a couple of days. I am so happy that I everything went as planned.

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Watch the journey of it all and my transformed look in this video.

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