A Rainy Day in Red

Dear Diary,

There is always something about the colour red! It always stands out to be solid, a colour of class and sophistication. It can be seductive.

This full red look from top to bottom, with slits and ruffle, is very much in trend at the moment. I have paired two shades of red with transparent and solid fabrics mixed together. I must say the colour red always makes me feel more feel stronger, confident and lush!

On an unexpected Rainy Day – Out for branch

Sometimes you just have to make a move even when you think it is not the right time. That was the case, as I stepped on a very wet day unaware that the weather will be of that nature.

So, while standing by the doorway waiting for the rain -drops to cease, red was an option to contrast that of the door. The atmosphere gave warmth so I decided to take off my jacket paying no attention to the weather.



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My Wardrobe Dilemma- The Story

I was scared of shopping for new fashion items because I wanted things in particular order within my wardrobe. Watch how I resolved my problem in finding the best wardrobe for my bedroom! I also did a floral pencil drawing at the end that I will continue in my next video.

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