Accra Ghana The Vlog

Dear Diary,

So my vlog video of some of the things I got did in Ghana Accra is finally out! As I had said it was an amazing trip and I explored a lot to find out more about African fashion and textiles. As a printed textiles designer it’s something you’ll expect from me right?

Thanks to my friends, I was able to attend a jewellery launch event by JNFH who also displayed fashion pieces from Eyias Closet ( fashion boutique which I mentioned in past post). I was amazed by JNFH’s jewellery line and all the other bits the event offered. I must say it left me stunned. It’s so good to know how much Africans are developing in fashion ideas.

One of my other major high-light was attending the Accra zoo with my friend. That was a day of laughter indeed and I enjoyed watching each animal.

There was so much I wanted to do in Accra.  Most of all to visit a textiles production company where African prints are made especially Ghana’s own kente cloth. Unfortunately I was unable to as production industries are a long way away from Accra. 

So instead my friend was able to take me to Accra’s busiest market Makola. There I found rich patterns of accessories and textiles prints.



Watch it all within this video and let me know your thoughts. Vlog Video

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  1. Stunning HotRoxx
    April 8, 2017 / 11:57 am

    Great quality images. Short but informative and interesting post.