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Dear Diary,

It’s been a while! This is a statement that I have written a lot and it is annoying. Consistency makes a difference and that should be my motivation, in which I am trying with! I mean I have to keep up with it because ideas are flowing and cannot be wasted!

Reminding myself why I started this blog keeps me going and sometimes you have to take a pause to look back and think… Done!


So, I am about fashion and textiles and to update you more about the things I find exciting within these subjects is the aim. Not only that but to also welcome influences around my lifestyle and environment to be an inspiration.

In that case, I will keep creating my own Fashion with textiles design and styling but however researching ideas will help me grow as an emerging designer.


On a casual day out close to Autumn 17 my realization for where to go with you Diary formed. In my ‘Love is a Gang jumper by Bella Freud; a collaboration with J.brand. I guess the title spells it all.

Along ksubi Denim midi skirt that I had bought last spring with patchwork detailing and slit to create an illusion of a trouser. Ksubi is a denim brand that evokes to be different and that is just me.

To complement it all with embellished detailing footwear from Kurt Geiger -Carvela concluded the look.

Watch what I have been up to during my time away in my catch-up vlog video of my summer. Ushering at Wedding, a Floral painting class and My Runway 2017.


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