F.F- New Year New me

Dear Diary,

New Years Resolutions are usually a myth as the year progresses. You later come to a realisation that you really have to change bad habits and old ways to create a better you. My question is how do you do it?

You have to take little steps to make big things happen. My step into creating a change in this new year of 2017 starts now! 

Step one

Making a list of where I went wrong, the obstacles I faced and how I can use my past experiences to make a better me.

Step 2

To make the important a priority! In my case following trends as a part of my research for my freelance work and I am applying it into my contents.

Step 3

To be more disciplined in all I do and be more productive with new designs to hand in to the design studio every month.

These are all things I want you to help me with by staying updated with my posts!


Find out more about the full outfit in next week’s Fashion Friday post! Please live your comments below. x

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