Let Your Passion Be your Drive:Printed Textiles/Surface Design (the portfolio)

Welcome to my blog ! If you have not read my last post now is the time.

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As you guys may have read from my previous blog I am a London based textiles designer who graduated with two degrees in Surface design and in Textiles design. In my introductory blog I also mentioned that I will let you all know what surface design is and about my field in textiles.

And this is the day!

 Surface Design

As the name implies, Surface Design is designing patterns and prints for and on surfaces.

The surface design course I studied was mainly the decorative aspect of the subject and mastering screen printing as a whole. I design patterns for interiors, gifts and packaging, hard surfaces such a wood and ceramics and textiles.


It involved creating my own screens and positives from scratch, printing lengthy repeats, mixing dyes and pigments and the whole practical technicality of printing directly on to textiles and paper in general.

These are screen print wallpaper repeats I did, that you guys will be seeing in the background of my vlog videos, in my “recording studio” known as my bedroom. They are two meters wallpaper prints that were inspired by the native American culture and 1960’s fashion groove of nature which I gathered from this mood board; colours symbolizing freedom and patterns and the nature aspect of it all.


These other wallpaper prints were my final major project designs inspired by Japanese floral prints. In this, I created laser wooden frames to go within the wallpaper to present an interaction.


Screen-printing is one of the manual aspect in printing, another topic that you can research about. This is a technique that I fell in love with before I found my self in the world of prints for fashion and textiles design, which is mainly digital.

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Studying surface design was an eye opener for me in the world of prints for interior and Textiles Design but my degree in Textiles identified me as designer. I I say this because it shows ways in which I can play a part in fashion; a world that I have always had interest in but could not see myself designing garments or making one but to create patterns for fashion fabrics.


My love for surface design and printed textiles for fashion was something I was confused with at first. Mainly because I loved furnishing the design aspect that Surface design had and was utterly and still amazed by companies like Timorous Beasties, Laura Ashley, Sanderson wallpaper designs and the amazing achievements of William Morris & Co.

However I was also open to see the mount of creativity within Fashion prints and in textiles, in the detailing of embroidery and embellishments and was hugely inspired by the works of couture artists such as Elie Saab, Valentino Garavani, and British designers like Peter Pilotto, Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Kane and the list goes on for designers. I was not only amazed with what they did with print but how they chose to be innovative in all ways! From these influences being innovative was what I explored in my final collection called Embellishing the Zentangles that was mainly about drawings and how I could bring my drawings alive in silk fabrics.

I really love being free with the techniques I use within my work to express my inspirations and detailing through a fine line pen. One of the reasons why I enjoyed drawing florals and finding most of my inspirations in nature.

the look

Folks I hope you have seen and understood my passion for creativity.   I would like my work to be known to be an influence to many. I have gained incredible knowledge and skills in my field and can not see that going to waste. Even though it is not so easy keeping a full-time job and freelancing at home I have kind of got used to my schedule now. It is all about time management; making the most of your time and letting your passion be your drive.

I will hate to be all about talk when action portrays the statement! This diary of mine is a dedication to keep myself going on what you love and to research my true self as a designer for printed textiles.   Thanks for reading and watch my vlog video

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