My New beauty regime

Dear Diary,

So I have a new beauty regime, I know beauty is something that I have never mentioned but as it is a part of my lifestyle I will be. Beauty is a topic that I did not pay much interest, until I started to work in an environment that luxuriously taking care of your self in all ways is important. Not just that but also being aware of the ingredient that I use on my body too. I realized that I had to change when a lot of drug store products were not working for me. It became something that was of importance because I started to break out a lot and preferred a natural, flawless look everyday. I then started by investing on myself more with the items I use on my skin and finding out a new brand for my facial routine. Searching through the beauty department for that brand was my other step and I was recommended to use Dermalogica – a skin care brand that was developed by The International Dermal Institute with natural botanical ingredients. Read more about the brand. I was recommended to start off with there normal oil skin kit to just to test it out and I must say that I love it so far.

My routine guild

Step one

Cleansing Gel / Skin Prep Scrub – I find the gel to be very soapy and soft on my skin. I mix both together twice a week to exfoliate my skin but use the Cleansing Gel everyday.

Step Two

Multi-Active Toner– I spray this after washing my face morning and night.

Step Three

Eye cream– For dark circled: I use this on my days of or before going to bed because I don’t really like it’s white texture on my skin.

Step Four

Active moist- My everyday daily moisture

Step five

Skin smoothing cream– This is currently my night cream. It has been a month since using it and I have seen the different but I will update you on any changes. Watch the video of this.


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