Time to get serious!!

Dear diary,

Sorry about the long silence which makes me feel that I have not kept to my word. Here I am again with new updates.

The past few months have not been so easy managing two jobs, freelancing and trying to update you with blog post and videos. But as the year is coming to an end, making the right decisions and prioritising what is important should be on most people list. Mine is to seriously work harder on what I love most – being a textiles designer.

As a first step, my time at True Religion Jeans has ended after 5 years of working part time. This is to enable me focus on creating more designs and contents to update you with outside of my full-time job.

Time is precious and using it wisely is all about disciplining yourself .

Watch my current You Tube video where I talk more in details about how I have been thinking and want for this blog, by clicking on this link below. Hope you will find it interesting and encouraging.

Watch: https://youtu.be/DDZ_lVjg9jE

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