Vinyl PVC/Silver- Style Me stater

Dear Diary,

Suiting is very much in season and pairing items together is something I love to do.  However it is not always easy to get it right most of the time but I love the fact that I learn from my mistakes.   I have proved that mistakes sometimes bring out new ideas.

This is a look that was paired right by the way.

I have a new wardrobe and trying to keep up with trends. At the moment I am exploring to find my particular fashion sense. I will be doing this weekly with the items I buy for my new wardrobe and updating you with any current trend that has inspired me.

Vinyl /PVC is back in trend!

I quite like this season’s plastic trend which emphasizes a waterproof fashion.

Autumn 2017: Paco Rabanne, Michael Kors, Chanel; Images: Imaxtree and thefashionspot

Valentino, Lacoste , Tome Image from

In this look I have blended two trends in together – Vinyl with metallic silver. It is a look that reminds me of a futuristic/rock style that gets a sexier, more fetish like chic version. I thought while leather is always huge for fall I could combine the high gloss shine finish with my PVC trousers that also has a touch of silver with its zip. Together with a metallic Blazer a Gladiator boots compliments the zip, highlighting both trends to bounce off each other.

I heard a comment the other day that silver is the new black, I am not sure about that but silver has me at the moment.


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