F.F- The statement piece

Dear Diary,

Menswear fashion week in London has been outstanding don’t you think! My eyes have been on trends from the Runway Show this week and designers like Katie Eary, Vivienne Westwood, Songzio and Sibling London’s shows have been exceptional.

To introduce this week’s post I will be relating it to the trends I have been looking at which are stripes and checks.


Today’s post is about standing out to look the part of what makes you an icon in your field with bold and bright colours.

 The Outfit

Coat– Isabel Marant Etoile ;Gabrie’ Coat, Balenciaga runners – A/W 16-17, Jeans- Jbrand, Top- Isabel Marant Etoile

These items were purchased a few weeks back but finding the right story for it just works well now.

The morning Route look to a LCM show

Following steps with my Balenciaga runners – an item that is always sold out and I got one!

The perfect colour match; Moving colours

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