It’s been a while! 

Dear Diary, 

It’s been a while! So much has happened these past weeks which I will be updating you on. First of all, I am currently in west Africa Ghana- Accra. Close to my native land Sierra Leone.
Here I am enjoying the sunshine, relaxing and exploring Ghana’s culture that is rich with inspirations. This is one of my hoilday look of time here in Africa.

A Quick Cycle

 In Cecile Copenhagen Spring/Summer 17 shoulder dress, a Chole clutch and Espadrilles from ASOS. Also not to forget my Gucci shades for protection against Sun rays. Warm colours to represent my atmosphere. 
I’ll keep you updated from now on! Please stay up to date by subscribing!  

Dress: Cecile Copenhagen 

Eyewear: Gucci 

Bag: Chloe 

Espadrilles: ASOS

Watch my Catch up textiles video


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