A Floral Garden Bloom

Dear Diary, 

Floral embroidery on clothing has been a huge trend in recent seasons. Whether it’s a dress, a top or patches on jeans, it can create an elegance to it. One of the things that I have enjoyed seeing with this trend is, transparency within mesh fabrics, stitched with embroidered floral motifs. 

Embroidered Mesh Fabric  Blouse
Ganni’s Monroe Blouse

I welcomed this trend into my wardrobe by purchasing a pair of jeans from Bliss and Mischief. 

Growing florals designs blooming up my jeans, as I walk in the garden. 

Bliss and Mischief is an American denim brand by designer Hillary Justin, that uses Levi 805’s to recreate new fits.Read more about the brand Click on me

What I love about this brand is that it’s very fun and free and this is what I have tried to promote within this look. 

Fun and Free
Swinging away
Uniquely different in all ways!
Uniquely different in all ways
I am made to be different and made to be me.

Top: Stateside
Shoes: Ego.com
Bag:  Givenchy Antigona.              Jean: Bliss and Mischief 

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